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Thursday, March 27, 2014

A random compilation of thoughts

It's Thursday. Adam and I have lots of things to accomplish today when all either of us really want to do is sleep. And my brain is such a clusterfuck, as I explained a little bit yesterday. Between wedding stuff, finishing the bathroom makeover and anxiously awaiting the new job starting, I'm a big ol' bundle of nerves and anxiety. Instead of trying to force my brain into focusing on one subject for a post today, I thought I'd take a cue from Erin @ Two Thirds Hazel and just write down the random things are are in my brain at this moment. So let's do the damn thing, yes? 

I have a reception venue in mind that is budget friendly. But every time I've called {three times in two days}, the guy I need to talk to isn't there. Sooo... no one there can at least tell me if the date is available or like, when this guy is actually going to be there? Something? Anyone? Anyone? 

I can't decide between three different bouquet sets from the same shop. I'm like "yeah, those fit with the look I'm going for, I like those!" But then I'm like "ooohhh, that doesn't fit but it's so preeeettttyyyy!". I. Am. Crazy. 

Can anyone explain why places don't sell invitations, response cards & reception cards all together? You can't possibly believe I'm going to spend that much money on this crap, right? 

I made stir-fry for dinner again & it was delicious. I made Japanese onion soup to go with that tasted more like celery soup.. but I like celery so I guess it's ok? 

I've joined a cult. And by cult, I mean I have jumped on the "I love Frozen" bandwagon. But really, it was great. 

My TV just went black... I think my house is haunted. Because that's the logical explanation. It's back now.. the ghosts are just playing mind games. 

I didn't workout today. Or yesterday. I could/should do it now.. but the couch is so warm & cozy right now. So I won't. 

Is it wrong to register for alcohol as a wedding gift? Because we already have a toaster & stuff. 

Pizza... just pizza. 

This list must end because I'm getting the "please snuggle with me" face from Izzy. Adios.


  1. go for the alcohol! haha what would you rather have at night while snuggling on the couch... toast or wine? come on. have you looked into making some of your own cards for the invites?

    1. We already have a toaster anyway, so we could have both! And that is one option that I'm looking into for the invites. I have found a site that is more affordable though, so I'll be deciding between the two options

  2. I made stir-fry this week too. It was so good I think I want more this weekend :)

  3. You and I would get along great girl. I love Gifs. This is Laney by the way. formally hotpinkowl02 or laneyg02. I love Gifs girl and I've jumped on the Frozen wagon too. I love the Let it go song that I have it set as my notification for texts. :D and it's stuck in my head. Well the chorus is anyways. I loved it just that much. And I hope you get things done with your wedding. Doesn't Hobby Lobby/Michaels (craft store) have wedding invitations or a wedding shop. I'm not sure why places dont but you'd think they would. Definitely try Hobby Lobby though.

  4. There are so many things I wish I could register for.....I'm like can we just add Nordstroms gift cards on there? Oh and alcohol would be great too!


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