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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It will get done + a GIVEAWAY!

Allow me to apologize for the sorry excuse that will surely be this post. I have entered full on wedding freak-out mode and other than the couple of hours that I forced myself to stop researching things and making plans and to relax and watch some My So-Called Life on Hulu, I've been going insane. A few nights ago, the nightmares started coming my way full force and I've barely been able to sleep. I toss and turn all night and don't fall into a deep sleep until early morning - I then take full advantage of the fact that I haven't started the new job yet by sleeping until 11, which leads me to feeling guilty for wasting time that I could have been doing things. It's a vicious cycle. 

But I'm making progress. We've gotten our guest list pretty well narrowed down with a little growing room, which happens to be the main source of my nightmares. I've also got a few invitation ideas figured out, but any suggestions for affordable {cheap} options would be very well appreciated. And today I'll be trying to nail down a reception venue... because without getting that secure, I really can't figure out several of the other details. So hopefully the place I'm calling today ends up being the one... because I refuse to pay $900 just to book a room on top of several hundred to feed these people.

Also, Adam doesn't agree that doughnuts instead of our original cupcakes & mini pies idea is brilliant. I think apple cider doughnuts is the perfect idea for an October wedding. I strongly dislike Facebook drama.. but you better believe I called him out for hating on the doughnuts last night! Because that's legit. I don't care if your baby daddy cheated on you again, but if he insulted something delicious like doughnuts? Now that's a low blow!

So basically, if you notice my absence from twitter and instagram... don't call out a search party, just assume I'm drowning in a pile of invitation samples and pinterest inspiration. 

Also, I'm a part of a giveaway over at Venus Trapped In Mars today! Enter now for your chance to win!
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  1. weddings are great. :D And I love My So called life. I love 80's shows. they rock.

  2. I'm planning my wedding. I'm ridiculously calm and that's scaring me to death! Should I be more worried? Probably, but I am confident that it will get done :)

    1. You will for sure get everything done! I've been pretty calm for the most part, the anxiety only really started kicking in lately because I can't find a reception spot that's available and affordable. You'll get more nervous & anxious the closer you get, but it will all turn out just fine for you and for me, I'm positive of that!

  3. Omg doughnuts would be PERFECT for an October wedding! I love that idea! I made our invitations myself with stuff from Cards and Pockets ( It didn't end up being very cheap and was a TOTAL pain in the ass (I murdered at least 1 printer), so I only partially recommend it. If I were to do it again I'd check out They look like they have amazing stuff.

  4. Wedding planning freakout? Oh so familiar. It was truly the best day of my life but I swear, the next evening, when we were lounging in our pajamas in the honeymoon suite, eating Papa John's Pizza and opening cards and gifts, we looked at each other and said almost in unison "I love you, but I am SO glad it's over". If you ever need a sounding board, I just did it and can give you any and all pointers or just be there to say "Girl, I hear THAT".

  5. I found you from the giveaway...I have to say your gif on Venus Trapped in Mars is my life too!

  6. I have wedding nightmares too! They are the absolute worst. We made our wedding invitations, and it was super cheap (in comparison to ordering them pre-made). I got everything from and printed with our regular printer. It was actually way eaisier than I thought. Worth looking into!

  7. Doughnuts sound like a stroke of genius to me!


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