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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Blogging Process

When it comes to blogging, we all have a process that helps us write. I don't necessarily have one set time or place that I prefer to write like I know that some people do. But with that said, I do have requirements for my environment when the mood to write does strike me. And if you disrupt my writing process, you better be prepared to face my illogical annoyance - because it will happen. Because when I'm writing and something stops the thought process before I can get everything out that I want to, it has a tendency to just vanish all together. I can stare at that half finished sentence for hours and not be able to find my way to the path that I was cruising down.
I have to be comfortable. That may seem obvious as can be... but it's crucial. I almost never write sitting at my desk or at the table. I'm usually in comfortable clothes, under a blanket with Izzy snuggled up somewhere close by. 

Sometimes music is required, but sometimes I need silence. I've really always been the type of person who does my best work at anything while listening to music. But every once in a while, I get in this mood where music distracts me completely and I can't have it on at all. 

The type of music is important too. If I'm writing an upbeat, funny post and a sad song comes on, it throws me off & I have to change it immediately. 

Humans... they cause problems. Adam likes to talk to me when he can hear my typing my little heart away even though he knows it drives me crazy. That not only throws me off, but it forces me to put in headphones and try to force the music thing to happen... and sometimes, it just doesn't work. I've also noticed that people have the ability to time phone calls during this time as well. And by people, I probably mean my mom since I rarely answer the phone for anyone else... except for Adam. But he already knows I'm usually doing other things when I'm talking to him. 

I've lost my train of thought... I'm now having a jam session to 90s rock....

And I'm back...  I thought about erasing that since it was only written as a placeholder... but it's also the reality that pertains to this post, so it stays.

I can't be hungry. That's also pretty obvious... I can't do much of anything when I'm hungry.

Often, pictures are taken for a blog post, but sometimes a blog post is written around a specific photo. Sometimes I see something and photograph it and it sparks my mind in that perfect way.

I'm not always in the mood to write, so when I am on a creative roll, I will often write multiple posts to use later on.

What do you do to help your blogging process? 


  1. I have about 10 drafts of random thoughts...eventually they come together into one full train of thought ;-)

  2. For some odd reason I get lots of thoughts all the time which is why I blog so much. So I can get stuff out of my brain LOL

  3. My process is so similar. There is absolutely no way I can accomplish anything if I am hungry.

  4. I'm pretty similar. Although, I've never tried listening to music. I may have to try that!

  5. That's really interesting, I had a similar process when I would do schoolwork. For blogging I just sit down and it's a free for all, haha!

  6. My process involves reading other blogs. It's not to steal ideas. I look at other blogs to see how dedicated the blogger is and that inspires me to be more dedicated to the theme of my blog and then stuff just comes pouring out. If stuff doesn't come pouring out, usually making a list or jotting down some thoughts about a particular blog post or something I've seen throughout the day, can spark my writing. My environment doesn't matter.

    1. Those things help me too. Sometimes seeing another bloggers passion for what they do is enough to get me in the mood to write like crazy. And sometimes they post ideas that they want others to take and make their own like link ups - and those can be really helpful on those days when you just can't think of a thing to write about!


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