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Friday, March 28, 2014

What is happiness?

Most people seem to believe that happiness is something that happens when they achieve something. I'll be happy when I get that job. When I lose a certain amount of weight. When I get a boyfriend or a house or when I win the lottery. But those things aren't where true happiness comes from. You don't need those things to find happiness and having those things don't guarantee that you'll automatically have it anyway. There are plenty of rich, married, skinny people who are unhappy. And there are plenty of poor, single, overweight people that are happy as clams. {Are clams really happy? I wonder.} And the things that bring happiness into my life just might be completely different from your own.
The first rainy day of spring - because it means that it's not cold enough to snow!

Entire days spent with Adam - even if we're running errands

Finding My So-Called Life on Hulu for free!

Puppy snuggles. And puppy kisses. Anything involving Izzy, really. 

Spending time with any of my nephews. Although having all three together at once is even better. 

Accepting that I will never, ever be a real "grown up"... ever. 

Long walks with lots of photo opportunities. 

A really good book. 

A really good pizza. Or even bad pizza.. you can't go wrong, really. 

New notebooks and pens. 

Writing on a rainy day. 

Finding inspiration for a blog when you least expect it. 

A sale on your favorite wine. 

Clearance sections and thrift stores - hooray for good deals!

Hearing just the right song at just the right moment

Spending time hanging out with my mom - which I may do later today. 

Conversations that make you laugh until you cry. 

Realizing that you've found friends {even blogging friends} who appreciate your weirdness. 

Marathons of 90s shows and movies - or basically anything 90s related. 

The fact that Disney still produces pretty fantastic movies - like Frozen!

The fact that I can watch those Disney movies while drinking - a perk of being an adult. 

Knowing that this year, I'm getting married AND going to Disney World for the first time ever in the same week! 

Babies. Especially happy, giggling babies who have that strange, wonderful baby smell. 

And that is really just the tip of the iceberg. Happiness is everywhere. It's in simple things, it's in strange places. "It's the journey, not the destination" if you will. 
So what is happiness to you? 


  1. I LOVE this!
    I totally believe happiness is what you make it, and is built on perspective of how you say the world.
    If you choose happy, you can be happy.

    Such a inspirational post, I hope you have a great weekend my dear!

  2. This is such a great post!
    And I agree, you can never go wrong with pizza! I don't understand when people say "it was bad pizza". Like...what?

    1. I know. It makes zero sense. I've seen people turn down different types of pizza because "the crust is like cardboard" or various reasons like that. I'm like... that makes no sense. Even bad pizza is still good!

  3. Happiness is watching my dog roll around on the carpet like a maniac while I laugh hysterically because of how funny she looks! I love my animals!

    1. Oh yes, I love when Izzy does that too. Animals are amazing!

  4. Growing up is over rated, anyways! ;-p

  5. I LOVE this!!!! You are so right about happiness.. it's kinda like the quote, "I'd rather be happy and poor than rich and sad." Puppy snuggles are the best!!

  6. Happiness to me is doing exactly what you want to do without the stress of worrying whether or not you should be doing it.

  7. Right now I'm pretty darned happy with an NSync song that I haven't heard for the longest time playing on Spotify!


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