Hello, my name is Jessica Thornycroft.

I was born in South Africa and lived there for the first 8 years of my life. I now live in the Surrey Hills in the UK but still go back to Africa - once it’s in you, you can never get rid of it. I think that’s where I got the “travel bug” or more like “adventure bug”. I LOVE to travel and discover new places.

Not only will I discuss my travel destinations, but this blog is also about the big stuff, like how moving country, living alone in a new city for the first time and dealing with mental health issues has shaped who I am. Basically, it’s all about growing up which can get pretty tough sometimes.

Did I mention I’m a vet-in-training? As I devote 5 years (and more!) studying to become vet, I wanted to let any aspiring vets, scientists or girl bosses in on my journey. I also adore listening to new music, reading books and anything creative to let off steam from a hectic course.  

I hope that me writing about this stuff can give you some sense of what life is like for me. If you learn something from it as well - that’s a bonus!